Booking Overview

Bookings are now made via our Meetup page, and paid for using PayPal.  This is our preferred booking method.

  1. First, read the Terms and Conditions. By proceding with your booking, you agree to these.

  2. On the Meetup page, find the trip that you wish to book. You can do this by browsing the list on the Welcome page, or - if you know the dates of the trip - by clicking the Calendar tab and locating the trip on the calendar.

  3. Click on the trip title (or on the calendar entry) to view the full details of the trip

  4. Read the details of the trip. If you have any queries, please contact the leader before continuing the booking process.

  5. At the right of the page, select "Yes" to say you will be attending, and if appliccable enter the number of guests (extra people you are bringing, not including yourself).

  6. Click the blue RSVP button.

  7. You will be presented with a page requesting your details.
    For example:
    Enter details for these questions.

  8. If you are a current, fully-paid YHA member, please change the payment amount to the discounted amount, which you should find in the trip description or trip program.  Bookings will not be valid until the correct amount has been paid.

  9. Click the Pay Now button.  You should be presented with the payment page.

  10. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can create one on this page.
    If you do have a PayPal account, simply sign-in to PayPal from this page.

  11. Check the payment amount is correct, then click Pay Now.
    Note: Currently the PayPal payments are sent to the club secretary, Nicholas Farrell.

  12. You should receive a Transaction ID. Click Print Receipt to print the transaction details, or at least write down the Transaction ID.

  13. Click the "Return to MeetUp page" button.

If you have difficulty with this, or do not wish to use MeetUp or PayPal, please contact the trip leader via the Online Query Form.

Please Note:

Cancellation / Refund Policy:

Updated 1 Jun 2021