What to bring

Skis, boots, poles
These can be hired if you don't have your own.  Cost is approximately $20-25 for a day or $40 for a weekend. For weekend trips it is recommended to hire close to the resort so that equipment can be exchanged for the second day if problems arise. If you plan to bring your own equipment please tell the trip leader when booking onto the trip as this may affect transport arrangements. Bring a few pairs of socks of varying thicknesses as boots can vary in their fit.

Thermal underwear Synthetic thermal underwear is an ideal inner layer in cold conditions.
Trousers Synthetic ski-style tights are most comfortable. Jeans or cotton are not recommended as they are very cold when wet.
Warm top A jumper or other warm top is essential. 'Polartec' garments are excellent.
Socks A pair of thick woollen or "Explorer" type socks at least. Wearing a thin pair of polypropylene socks inside these may offer extra warmth. Cotton or cotton blend socks should be avoided.
Waterproof layers A good waterproof jacket is essential on all trips. Use a japara (not oiled) or Gore Tex jacket without a lining. Waterproof overpants are also essential.  Thick-padded downhill type clothing is not recommended.
Gloves It is advisable to bring more than one pair of gloves if possible as they may get wet. Lightweight thermal gloves are often sufficient and can be covered with waterproof overmitts in snowy conditions.
Other important items
Food Bring a cut lunch, as well as other nibblies such as fruit, nuts, chocolate and cake. Bring one or two litres of water or fruit juice (essential), or a thermos. Bear in mind that you will be exercising vigourously in cold conditions and so may need to eat more than usual.
Sun protection Sunscreen, sunglasses and lip balm. Snow reflects sunlight making the risk of sunburn very high.
Pack A light, comfortable day pack is needed to carry the rest of your gear
Spare clothes A complete set of clean and comfortable clothes left in the car will make the trip home a lot more pleasant if you have got wet during the day.