Trip Details

The following are some of the types of trips we run:

Cocktail Weekend
The first on-mountain weekend. Lots of fun with or without snow.

Beginners' weekend
If you're new to skiing, or just want to have a social ski weekend, this is for you. We will provide some basic instruction and help you on your way. We will be providing dinner for the Saturday night. The place we are staying in has quite a few beds, but it's still a good idea to book ahead, as this is a popular weekend.   Download Trip Info document (PDF).

Beginners' Plus weekend
This weekend, staying at Dinner plain, is intended to allow beginners to further consolidate their skills.  We would ski around the Dinner Plain trails or Wire Plain / Christmas Hills trails.  This trip sometimes coincides with the Victorian Sled-dog championships, which can be fun to watch.

Hotham Plus week
Following on directly from the Beginners' Plus weekend at Dinner Plain, this trip is suited to people wanting to stay on from the Beginners' Plus weekend, stay the whole week, come up on Sunday and stay for a few days, come up on the Wednesday and stay until Sunday, or pretty much any combination - as long as transport can be arranged.  There is no formal program, so take your pick of touring, skating, snowshoeing, or Telemark practice on Mt.Hotham.  Some people ski from Dinner Plain to Hotham and back.  Others ski one way and catch the bus the other way.  Depending on skill level, we may run tours around the Wire Plain trails, to Mt. Loch, to Derrick Hut, or along the Razorback.

Hoppet weekend
Although this is the Hoppet ski race weekend, it doesn't mean it's just for those participating in the race. We will be running ski touring day trips, or even do a day on the ski runs at Falls Creek.

Snow Camps
This is how you can really experience a true backcountry tour. Get away from the crowds and have the hills to yourselves. We run a beginner's trip for the first timers, so if you're thinking about trying it, this will be your best chance. Generally we share as much of the equipment we have between us, so don't be worried if you don't have all the gear. Talk to the leader and find out what you need. We also have other trips, which get you into places you can only go if you snow camp.

Day Trips
We will be running regular day-trips throughout the season. You can hire all your gear if needed at the location or on the way. We generally leave early and get back to Melbourne in the early evening.

New members and visitors are always welcome but it is suggested that you contact the trip leader to discuss your skiing ability before booking on a trip. People who have never skied before should first ski with us on one of our beginner trips.